Bangkok is a well-known Asian destination that has affordable hotels and especially those that are along the Khaosan road. Most of the tourists find this being their favorite destination because the hotels along this zone are affordable and the accommodations are cheaper. The Khao San offers cheap places where people can eat, cheap booze zones, historical sites, cultural attractions and nightlife that helps you enjoy your vacation. Click here to find out what to do in Khaosan Road .

Currently, the face of Khao san has changed. In the past, it was a place where intrepid spring breakers and those who came for vacation and trips would rent cheaper rooms there. Currently, there are so many hotels that are lined up along the Khao san road that are good for old travelers who would like to lay back at a good atmosphere as they spend time on their vacation and saving their money. Hotels in Khao san are comfortable and affordable to both young and old. The more you pay for the rooms the more comfort you get. Some of the hotels you will find along the Khao san road include;

Charoendee hotel is one of the hotels that offer accommodation to tourists. In this hotel, the accommodation price ranges from Baht 250 and this is the best place for those people who like comfort. The hotel is well located and it is accessible because it is near the main road. Another hotel that you would choose if you are among those people who like comfort is Chanda hotel where you will pay an average of 350 Baht. In this hotel, you will also find rooms that are a bit expensive and you are the one who will make a decision of the room that fits your budget. There are so many hotels along the Khao san road that are worth mentioning like the Rambuttri village hotel. It is nearly five minutes from the main stretch. It is located on a quiet and surreal place. it is one of the hotels around that area that has a swimming pool and this makes it expensive.

Along the Khaosan, there are so many places that you can stay and save money as well. Most of the hotels in Khaosan are not advertised on the internet but most of the hotels in this area are popular and you can book one as you extend your stay in the area. Booking a hotel Khao San Road ahead of time is the best to do even before traveling to your destination.